Bento box for good health

Bento box for good health

Control portion sizes with a bento box

If you ask me, the way to good health is through eating balanced meals as often as possible.  In a perfect world, we would all be able to quit eating foods that are loaded with greasy oil and sweet sugar.  However, since it is not a perfect world, we would do fine with just minimizing the amount of unhealthy foods that we do eat. 

Truth is that unhealthy foods do taste great.  That is why we continue to eat it even though we know that it is not at all good for us.  However, we must take caution against eating too much of the unhealthy foods.

Personally, when I am eating unhealthy foods that are delicious in taste, I find it hard to stop after just a few bites.  It is not easy to rely on self-control when there is more of the food sitting right there.  So in order to prevent putting myself in this type of predicament, I rely on the usage of a good old bento box.

A bento box has different compartments for different types of foods.  I like the ones that have one big compartment for the healthiest part of the meal, and a couple of smaller compartments for foods that need not be consumed in large quantity.  This allows me to fill up the big compartment with either a fresh salad or some grilled veggies.  Meanwhile, in the smaller compartments, I can place some brown rice, grilled shrimp and maybe even a guilty pleasure like fried dumplings.  A bento box like that would allow me to have a little bit of fried food without overdoing it.