Cooking brown rice

Cooking brown rice

In trying to shrink their waistline, a lot of people are banishing carbohydrates from their diet.  However, what these dieters might have not considered is that not all carbohydrates are the same.  Some are actually pretty healthy and good for you.  Therefore, they do have a place in a nutritious and balanced diet.

One of the healthiest types of carbohydrates to consume is brown rice.  It is a wonderful side to a great variety of dishes.  Plus it is great for the diet of a vegetarian.

If you wish to get the most out of your rice you should try your best to refrain yourself from eating the instant variety that can often be found in supermarkets.  Sure, the instant rice might be quick and convenient.  However, you sacrifice a lot of taste and nutrition in the process.  Therefore, do go with the slower cooking rice whenever possible.

The easiest way to cook a good pot of rice is with a rice cooker.  However, your kitchen might not have the room necessary to house yet another cooking appliance.  If so, then you can try to cook brown rice using other methods.

If you already own a slow cooker, then you will be glad to know that it can also be used to cook brown rice.  It does take longer than a rice cooker.  However, it will still enable you to cook the brown rice successfully without having to watch over it.

Another option for cooking brown rice is to use your stove.  Place the water and brown rice into the pot, and simmer until the brown rice absorbs the water.  Just make sure you are nearby to watch over the cooking of the brown rice when using this particular cooking method.