Eat local for better health

Eat local for better health

When it comes to healthy eating, transitioning to organic food is not the only thing that you can do.  The move toward eating local foods is catching on rather quickly.  In fact, there is even a name for it.  A locavore diet is one that only consists of foods grown within a radius of 100 miles from where you reside. 

Eating local is the eco-friendly thing to do.  It creates less pollution for the environment since your food does not have to travel as many miles.  However, being a locavore is not just great for the planet.  It is also quite good for your health as well.

Food that goes a long way to get to your kitchen table is often irradiated in order to prevent bacteria from harming you.  However, all of the gamma rays and electron beams are likely to be dangerous to your health.  So the best way to steer clear of the questionable practice of irradiation is to eat locally.

There is another benefit to being a locavore.  When you eat locally sourced foods, you are likely to consume more nutritious foods as opposed to eating processed junk food.  That means instead of snacking on a bag of potato chips, you are more likely to munch on some fresh produce when eating like a true locavore.

Another cool benefit to eating local is that your food is going to taste better.  The food is fresher, and you can taste that freshness when biting into the food.  Therefore, you won’t be missing out on much by becoming a locavore.