Girl eats only McNuggets for 15 years

Girl eats only McNuggets for 15 years

Guess what happens to her health?

The Daily Mail has released a disgusting story about a seventeen-year-old Birmingham, U.K. girl named Stacy Irvine who has been eating little else besides McDonald’s chicken nuggets for the last fifteen years. When she was two years old, her mother took her to McDonald’s, and she hasn’t developed a taste for much else—except for French fries, of course—since then. Irvine collapsed earlier this week because of anemia and inflamed veins on her tongue. She said that she’d never even tasted fresh fruits or vegetables (?!), and had to be injected with nutrients at the hospital.

The story is particularly shocking because of Irvine’s apparent indifference to her dangerous diet, even after it caused her collapse. Doctors have ordered her to include other meals in her diet, but when interviewed by the Daily Mail, she says she’s hooked on McNuggets. Sometimes, she’ll eat KFC or a piece of toast for breakfast. The girl’s mother said she’s tried to deprive Stacy of her McNuggets, but her daughter isn’t having it.

A dietician named Dr. Carrie Ruxton was interviewed for the article says that McNuggets limit calcium levels and iron shortages. She says that an interest in eating only one or two things signals a psychological disorder. Additionally, a twenty-piece order of McNuggets has 926 calories and 58 grams of fat.

Daily Mail’s article is certainly strange. After a paparazzi-ish picture of Irvine putting a McNugget into her mouth, the rest of the photos included in the article seem like glamour shots. Irvine poses next to a McDonald’s in a hip outfit and a big smile, putting the McNugget to her lips. She grins, hands-folded, graduation photo-style, in front of a McNugget, fries and soda meal. She lies on top of all of the McDonald’s toys she’s collected over the years, grinning with her nails painted pink.

With the scary facts and statistics and horrified text, the photographs accompanying the article seem incongruous to say the least. The photographs seem to comment that Stacy’s serious illness is cutesy and contrary, like a little kid that won’t eat peas, isn't-that-adorable? She is old enough to know better, and Daily Mail should, too.

Irvine’s mother is getting a lot of flack in the article’s comment section from angry parents who don’t understand how a mother could let her two-year-old dictate her own diet. Certainly, it’s hard to understand how Stacy’s addiction got so far. A little girl couldn’t go out and buy McNuggets for all of those years—one can’t help but wonder how her mother didn’t tell her no, and give her broccoli instead.