How to Work Around Gym-O-Phobia: Work Out at Home Instead

How to Work Around Gym-O-Phobia: Work Out at Home Instead

I have gym-o-phobia. While I believe gym-o-phobia is not exactly the technical term used to describe “a deep-seated fear of working out in the gym”, I am hoping that the term is easy enough to understand my purposes here in this post.


When I was in college, a much-more fit and much-hotter roommate took me to the gym to work out—something I hadn’t done since Jr. High when I was first introduced to weights. She tried (and failed) to teach me to do lunges with the weight bar. I almost fell over due to the heaviness of the bar, and couldn’t really understand what I was supposed to do. Much to my chagrin, we got the attention of one of the football players at our school. He laughed at me and my face turned bright red from embarrassment. Fortunately, my roommate wasn’t the shy type and fired back right at him, telling him to “f-ing mind his own business.” She was a little scary, so he retreated and left us alone.


Since then, I’ve worked out off and on for several years, but have always been shy about feeling stupid at the gym. It seems like whenever (and wherever I go) to work out, the normal-looking people retreat into the distance and I am surrounded by super-buff power lifts and yoga queens. It makes me shy. Most people are eager to learn from the personal trainers who roam around the gym, but half of them make me more nervous and insecure. (There are some who actually have inspired me and made me feel tougher, but the number is fewer than you might think.)


Now I work out primarily from home, with DVDs and weights. I do Jillian Michaels on occasion, follow some SELF work outs, do the 100 push up application on my MAC (and no, I’m not anywhere close to the 100 level mark, but I have improved quite a bit.)


I don’t like being on display when I work out, and I still don’t understand the lure of using a stationary bicycle in a spin class with fifty of my closest friends. I’m also worried that I’ll turn right instead of left in any dance classes, and am truthfully not missing the camaraderie that I could find at the gym.


How do you work out? Do you prefer working at home or hitting the gym? Have you had any embarrassing moments like mine at the gym?

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