No kids on The Biggest Loser

No kids on The Biggest Loser

Yeah, let’s bully them into submission! Oh, wait. They get that already.

Are you freaking kidding me? Kids on The Biggest Loser? What’s next, throwing little Sally and Sammy Junior onto Survivor? I don’t freaking think so! The Biggest Loser is possibly the worst show on television. It promotes self-hate, bullying and fat hate culture. Rather than making kids get healthy—which the show is trying to pretend it’s doing—it’s only going to make fat kids hated and bullied even moreso.

And why? Because people are “worried about fat people’s health.” That’s bull, by the way. Nobody cares. They like to bully, and bullying fat people is the last accepted form of bullying there is based on this flimsy excuse—which, by the way, is debunked by science on a continuous loop. Just recently, among the many studies that have proven that being fat alone doesn’t prove a damn thing about you except that you are, indeed, fat, a huge study proved that people who are either somewhat overweight or level one obese actually live longer than people who are considered a “normal” weight or underweight. Extreme cases are not included, but on a general basis, most of the fat people you make fun of may actually live longer than you, statistically speaking.

Subjecting fat kids to abusive Biggest Loser techniques—which, by the way, may be extremely dangerous and deceitful, according to secrets from the show that were recently revealed—just because they are fat, with no known other health problems apparent, is outrageous. And even if these kids have health issues, no one loses weight and keeps it off by being bullied. Do you really think that yelling at someone and calling them names helps their self esteem, or helps them love their body? Absolutely not. And that’s where real change happens. Anything the show manifests is made from Hollywood tricks and superficial, brief exterior changes.

If you want children to really be healthy, make physical education mandatory in schools. Have schools—all schools!—serve healthy foods instead of Pizza Hut. Educate them. Educate parents. Make healthy food choices affordable instead of subsidizing corn and sugar. Don’t shame people and don’t hate them; all it does is cause more shame and hate, not health.

Click here to tell producers to keep kids off the show—and that you won’t watch it at all until they do. (Check out that photo in the petition link. Think Michaels feels big and bad bullying someone just because she weighs more? Would you like to see a child subjected to that kind of hate?)