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Lose weight with organic foods

Previously, organic foods were something that only few Americans were willing to purchase.  Nowadays, organic foods have gone mainstream.  You no longer have to go to specialty stores for organic foods.  Instead, you can find foods grown organically at just about every grocery store in your neighborhood.

Why are people willing to fork over more money to buy foods grown organically?  It is because in recent years, people have started to uncover the truth about the food industry.  Most people in America now know about how foods are routinely modified genetically.  Plus it is no secret that plenty of chemicals are used in the growing of non-organic foods.  Therefore, it can be said that people are willing to pay more for organic foods in order to keep the unhealthy stuff off of their dinner plates.

Besides being healthier for you, many experts now believe that eating organic foods can actually help to reduce your waistline.  For instance, Dr. John Salerno is an internationally known physician who routinely advises his patients to turn to organic foods to help them lose weight.  He believes that the chemicals found in non-organic foods can cause you to gain weight over the length of time.  So by switching over to organic foods, you can avoid this type of unnecessary weight gain.

It is not just health experts who are supportive of eating foods grown organically to help promote weight loss.  Celebrities are also endorsing the consumption of organic foods for dieters.  For instance, Kristie Alley attributes her significant weight loss to her organic lifestyle.