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Peanut oil for frying

Lately, a lot of fast food places are touting their usage of peanut oil in frying foods.  Chick-fil-A is perhaps the most recognizable name when it comes to chicken sandwiches, and they have been using peanut oil since the beginning. 

Another place that only uses peanut oil to cook food served to their customers is Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  With such popular fast food places claiming peanut oil to be the superior cooking oil to use, you might be wondering if you should also use peanut oil at home.

Peanut oil has been used for many years in Asian countries.  The reason for its popularity in Asia is due to the fact that peanut oil’s flavor works great with Asian cuisine.  In America, peanut oil is prized for its ability to withstand higher cooking temperatures.All cooking oils have their own smoke point.  That is the cooking temperature in which the cooking oil is bound to burn or smoke.  Whenever cooking oils reach its smoke point, it turns into trans fat, and trans fat is very bad for the consumer’s health.  Frying foods require the cook to use higher heat settings.  

Therefore, it is best to use cooking oil that has a higher smoke point.  For this reason, peanut oil is one of the safest cooking oils for fast food places to use to cook their French fries and chicken sandwiches.  So if you do a good amount of deep-frying in your own home kitchen, then you should keep a bottle of peanut oil around.