May 2009

National Hamburger Day

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we even really need this holiday. Hamburgers aren’t the kindest food—for the humans that consume them OR for the cows they’re made of. I wonder how many cases of heart disease, diabetes and obesity could have been curbed just from not eating too many hamburgers?  Not to mention the environmental impact—if every American went vegetarian for one day a week, it would be like 8 million cars being taken off the road!

All of that said, folks are still going to eat burgers, which are about as American as apple pie. So here are some healthy ways to get your burger fix on this rather convoluted holiday!

Nix the fatty add-ons. You know what I’m talking about—the cheese, the mayo, the works. If you absolutely must have cheese, opt for the low-fat kind.

Welcome to Healthy and Hale

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To start us off, here are ten health tips for you today:

10. Are you getting enough water? Water is important for preventing fatigue, keeping skin hydrated, warding off common daily ailments like headaches and backaches, and a multitude of other benefits. A lot of times, we eat when we are actually thirsty—so drinking enough water can also help you lose weight. To see how much water you need in a day, use this calculator.