January 2010

Natural Ways to Deal With Anxiety

We have become the “pop a pill” society in which the first, and often only, solution to any problem is the latest designer drug. But what if you are not quite ready to become the latest victim, I mean customer, of the pharmaceutical mega empire of the modern age? There are several natural ways that you can tackle anxiety without the harmful side effects of anxiety medication.

National Condom Month Quiz

Another highly appropriate holiday centered around Valentine’s Day—National Condom Month! You already know that condoms can help prevent pregnancy and STDs if used properly; now test your Condom Quotient and see if you know the answers to the following condom trivia questions.

True or False? The United States sells 200 million condoms a year.

False—the number is much higher. Condom sales are over 500 million per year.

True or False? Condoms are electronically tested to make sure they are effective.

True. Every single condom goes through this test.

True or False? The best place to store condoms is next to where you’re going to have sex.

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Heart

Next week is Women’s Heart Week, a time to remember to take care of our tickers. Heart disease is one of the top killers in America. Here are 6 ways you can help celebrate this week.

6. Eat a Healthy Meal

And then eat another, and another… Make healthy eating a good habit. Just start with one today—replace your bacon and hash browns with some oatmeal. Or use one of these heart-healthy ideas. Whatever you do, just keep it up and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it becomes a part of your normal routine.

5. Move It, Move It

Get Your Eyes Checked

When I was a little girl, I always knew something was wrong with me. I could never properly see the chalkboard, my dad would always wonder aloud why I couldn’t see what he could (he has better-than-perfect vision), and I would much rather read books close to my face than bike outdoors where things always appeared so blurry when not up close. I don’t know how I managed to get so far in elementary school without them, but I wasn’t diagnosed with nearsightedness and given my first pair of glasses until I was in the fifth grade.

Tips for Beating The Common Cold

It's winter, which means it's cold and flu season. Ergo, at least one out of every eight of you readers are experiencing some kind of viral misery at this very moment. It also means that TV commercials and Internet banner ads are doing their best to sell you some kind of tincture, pill or spray that promises to make your life while sick a breeze, if not outright cure you. Sorry, folks. If there was a cure for the common cold it'd be in lockdown in some billionaire's heavily fortified mansion waiting for customers who are willing to pay a small fortune for the convenience. For the rest of us, battling that blasted rhinovirus requires some time, a little know-how and some positive thinking. Here are some tips to put you on the mend as fast as modern technology will allow.

Healthy Weight Week

It’s very important to keep a healthy weight for a variety of reasons. It will save you money, help you find clothes that fit easier, sometimes allow you to live a longer life, save you from various health complications, etc. That said, the average size for women in this country is now a 14 and clothing departments have yet to reflect that. As times change, people change and evolve, and it’s important to change our thinking with that.

This doesn’t mean that we should abandon efforts to live a healthy lifestyle; on the contrary, we should all strive for a weight and lifestyle that allows us to be happy, healthy, and to function to the best to our abilities. However, this doesn’t mean that we should kill ourselves doing that—or that the media or other people should have the right to down us because of the way we look, either.

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week

Who doesn’t love an ice cold glass of freshly squeezed juice? Yes, the dentist and the doctor both advise us to eat fresh fruit rather than drink juice for the sake of our teeth and sugar intake, respectively, but juice doesn’t have to be so bad—if you make it fresh without adding sugar and you drink with a straw, you’ll inflict less harm on yourself. Of course, indulging every once in a while isn’t going to kill you, either. Here are a few ways to celebrate this juicy week.

Get a juicer. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s also well worth it if you love to have fresh juice. You can also use it to make juice out of vegetables, something your body will love. The pulp from the juice also works great as healthy filler in foods like muffins and meatloaf.

6 Natural Ways to Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is a substance that can gather around the cells of your body and accumulate in your blood stream, reducing the flow of blood through your body. This can negatively impact your heart and can lead to coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Since heart disease is the leading cause of death among the general population and can rob you of a decade or two off of your life span it is important to keep your heart healthy. For good heart health you must lower your cholesterol levels and while there are a variety of medications on available for this purpose, there are also natural ways that you can reduce your cholesterol levels before they get that far or in conjunction with medication.

Fat Free Living Month

It’s really no surprise that January is National Fat Free Living Month. It is the month of resolutions, dieting, and starting over, after all. But is fat free living really plausible?

Sure, most of us could use with a little bit of fat-cutting in our diets. I’m always onto my dad about reducing his whole milk to 2% milk, but he always makes a face and says that it doesn’t taste as good. “Whole milk is for baby cows!” I stubbornly insist as he pours the fatty liquid on top of his Count Chocula.

Then again, who am I to talk? I eat more than my own fair share of pizza and cheese—both of which could use some definite fat-cutting. During National Fat Free Living Month, we should all definitely strive for a little less fat in our diets.