March 2010

Should Food Stamps be Taken at Farmer's Markets?

I read Barbara Erhernreich’s “Nickel and Dimed” a few years ago. While it was not earth-shattering or all that surprising for me to learn that those who live under the poverty line eat unhealthy food on a daily basis, I had never before thoroughly considered the dilemma of how those with less money could eat healthier food.

I recently wrote about Wal-Mart’s new program at some of their stores, which allows Wal-Mart to sell organic food by encouraging local farmers to truck their goods to Wal-Mart. While that may be one solution to help those needing healthier food options at an affordable price, there is another more palatable option that may become available in more places.

The Last Supper Food Portions- Then and Now

I have personally seen a Zombie Last Supper picture, a Last Supper with dogs  ( no cats), and a Last Supper featuring the members of the Sopranos- all which have been controversial to Christians. I never once thought to consider the size of the portions of the meals that those attending the Last Supper were eating, but fortunately, researchers at Cornell University have thoroughly examined the sizes of the most popular last suppers throughout the millennium and discovered that the size of the meals are two-thirds larger than they were in the past.

Help In Fighting The Fat

What we eat plays a large part in how healthy we are. Good health care means taking care, knowing what and how much we eat, and taking care to know what is in what we eat. In the health bill, that President Obama will sign into law today, is a provision for the Food and Drug Administration to create a new national standard for menu labeling.  The law will affect restaurant chains with twenty or more locations. "The idea is to make sure that customers process the calorie information as they are ordering. Many restaurants currently post nutritional information in a hallway, on a hamburger wrapper or on their Web site. The new law will make calories immediately available for most items. "

Is McDonald's Really the First Choice for Olympians?

McDonald’s and healthy eating are not synomonous in the eyes of most Americans. This doesn’t stop a good size of our population from eating there, nor does it stop McDonald’s from claiming that the fast food restaurant is actually a  healthy place to eat.  During the Vancouver Olympics in February, McDonald’s ran a series of commercials aimed at Americans who wanted to “eat like Olympians”.

The idea that Olympic athletes eat McDonald’s on a regular basis doesn’t sound right to me and I wasn’t surprised to find that  at least one Olympian is disputing the McDonald’s side of the story. Garrett Weber-Gale is a two-time Olympic gold-medal swimmer who participated in the Beijing games and blogs regularly about food.