June 2010

Sign the Petition Against Alzheimer’s Disease

“Do petitions really work?” I get this question a lot when I forward, post, or ask people to sign petitions. The most honest answer is sometimes. I think personally-signed, written petitions do seem more powerful, and snopes.com will tell you that e-petitions do not work (though I think their research is largely based on the forward-type, email petitions that people circulate and never deliver to anyone, rather than the ones sponsored by legitimate websites that do deliver them). Petitions seem to work best at the local level, at least from my experience. However, when large amounts of people show support for—or displeasure against—something, change can and does sometimes occur.

Who is Behind Exercise TV and Is He Really a Fitness Guru?

My face is red- not from embarrassment, but from another work-out on Exercise TV. This time, I plowed through a work out with Jake, who was the founder of Exercise TV for Comcast and the creator of “Body by Jake Global”, which has become a kind of empire within the fitness industry. I was curious about Jake and did some Internet sleuthing to find out what little I could about the self-proclaimed Fitness Guru.

A quick visit to Jake’s website reveals that he was one of the first people to invent the personal trainer fitness industry over thirty years ago.  I couldn’t find any outside verification of that and have to wonder whether ole Jake and Al Gore have the same publicist. (Remember Al’s claim that he invented the Internet?)

Losing it With Jillian

I’m a late-comer to “The Biggest Loser”- I was out of the country for a while and in South Korea where I hung my hat for a while, there was absolutely no need for a TV show like that; year after year, South Koreans come in as some of the least fat people in the world. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been periodically watching “The Biggest Loser” with a combination of shock, enjoyment, and awe at the participants staying power. I’ve also been enjoying working out to some of Jillian’s DVDs, so was excited to see the TV show, “Losing it With Jillian”.

10 Tips for Fireworks Safety

I’m not sure why June is Fireworks Safety Month when Independence Day is in July; perhaps it’s because sales begin in June and in many areas—my own included—people start shooting them off late in the month. To keep your family safe during the holiday, here are ten quick tips for fireworks safety.

10. Follow Instructions Carefully

Always read through all of the directions provided on every firework—even if you’ve shot that particular firework before. Changes can be made on various products without notice, making it dangerous to set off anything you aren’t familiar with. Only one firework should be lit at a time.

9. Do Not Let Children Light Fireworks

Small children in particular should be kept back at a safe distance—even from sparklers. An adult should be present any time fire is being used.

8. Keep Water Handy

Jillian Michaels: "No More Trouble Zones" and "The 30-Day-Shred"

Like many Americans, I’ve watched “The Biggest Loser” with fascination- although I don’t watch the show on a regular basis, the premise of rewarding the reality star participants for their hard work dieting and exercising really appeals to me. I find it more than a little ironic that the viewers who make the most fun of the participants on the show are the same people who could most benefit from a good work-out and healthier eating.

See Toxic America Tonight on CNN

Toxic chemicals have been slowly but surely becoming a big issue here in the United States. Many of the chemicals we have inserted into our everyday products are banned, after all, in other countries for causing health problems, birth defects, and even being linked to cancer. As more people become aware about these toxins and the impact they can have on their health and the health of their children, more campaigns are spawned in order to get products that contain them off the market entirely.

Tonight on CNN, we will have the chance to see Dr. Sanjay Gupta explain more about these chemicals in his investigative report, Toxic America. Toxic America will run both tonight and tomorrow night (June 2 and 3) at 8 PM ET.