September 2010

Food Coloring Linked to ADHD

 Recently British researchers have done a study relating food dyes and ADHD. Food dye is in nearly everything that we eat. These dyes are made out of petroleum. It’s amazing that the FDA actually approves these food dyes. What you think may be a healthy juice to go with a snack, you could be very wrong. Unless the juice is labeled all natural, you may be adding to your child’s behavioral problems. These food dyes can also be found in the processed food that is served in your child’s lunch room at school.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Known as The Sugar Formerly Known as Syrup

In a highly comical move following a lengthy campaign to establish high fructose corn syrup as being “the same as table sugar,” the industry has decided to rename their product—after, of course, a pile of evidence that it’s actually more unhealthy than regular sugar continues to grow. High fructose corn syrup, which increases one’s risk of liver disease, diabetes, obesity, and other conditions, will now be referred to as simply, “corn sugar.”

Wash Your Hands!

Public restrooms are every germo-phobes worst nightmare- bacteria abound and it’s difficult to refrain from touching the door on the way out  after washing your hands next to sneezing and coughing people. According to this site, approximately a third of those who use restrooms in airports DON’T wash their hands, which is truthfully scary when you consider how germs are spread.

If You Want to Smell Trees, Go Outside!

The latest Glade candle commercial reminds me of a hilarious—yet wrong, on sooo many levels—incident between my husband and me the other morning. I was preparing my daughter and the toddler I babysit for playing outside, and I called from my daughter’s room and asked him to check on the weather for me. Lately, you can’t be sure if it will be cool or warm—welcome, September!—so I wanted to know if they were okay in shorts. Instead of walking outside to see how hot or cold it was—out the front door that was mere feet from him—he actually flipped over to the Weather Channel to see!