October 2010

Cholera in Haiti: How to Help

As if the recent catastrophic earthquake in Haiti were not enough, now a huge outbreak of cholera has plagued the nation. For those who can’t recall or don’t know what cholera is, it is a deadly infection of the small intestine that causes severe pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. In short, it can result in severe dehydration and death. Typically a water or food borne illness, it is a leading cause of death around the world—especially in lesser developed nations.

More than 250 people have died from the disease in Haiti already, and over 3,000 are now sick with cholera. This disease, though deadly, is highly treatable in many cases. If given the proper antibiotics, electrolytes, and treatment, many people can have their lives saved.

Eat Dark Chocolate to Prevent Damage From Strokes

We’ve all heard plenty of benefits associated with eating dark chocolate—which, let’s face it, seems to be an acquired taste. Most people enjoy milk chocolate, at least every now and then, but there are plenty of people who wince at the bitter taste associated with dark chocolate. While I can stand the stuff in small amounts, it’s not something I’d indulge in often—which is probably a good thing it’s the one that’s healthy though, right? After all, if it were milk chocolate that gave us all these supposed superpowers, we’d be eating it all of the time and packing on the pounds with the “But it’s good for me!” defense.