November 2010

The Health Risks of Walking Barefoot Through Airport Security


I came across a blog post written by a doctor about one of less sanitary aspects of airline travel in the 21st century—taking off your shoes as you wait in line to get your bags scrutinized by the ever-sharp TSA airport security officials in uniform.  Not only is it a complete and total hassle to take off your shoes without tripping over your own feet or losing your passport, Doctor Marybeth Crane (the author of the original article I read) believes there are a few serious and not-so-serious health risks associated with the unsanitary procedure as well.

Red Cross on the 'failed' HIV policy of nations

Red Cross Says: Deal With The Reality of AIDS.

More sensible thinking from the International Federation of the Red Cross. In gearing up for World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, is calling for a new common sense approach to fight  AIDS -- to help prevent the spread of AIDS, by decreasing the risk that drug addicts will catch the virus from infected blood, transmitted through shared needles.

Your Smoking Kills Non-Smokers Too

Something Must Be Done.

If the smoking knuckleheads of the world haven't gotten the message by now, a new report by the World Health Organization makes it clear. The reports states that every year hundreds of thousands of premature deaths are caused by passive smoking, approximately "one percent of all premature deaths." That's more than half a million people, by more than a hundred thousand. Yes, thousands of people killed, because the world's selfish and reckless, smoking knuckleheads have to have their smokes.

National Home Care and Hospice Month

In my life, I’ve been a part of or witnessed both home care as well as hospice care, and I know how trying it can be—both on the patient as well as the family. The goal is a kind one, to keep the sick person as comfortable as possible in his or her last days of life; but in reality, the wait for death is one of the most heart-wrenching times that anyone can go through. What do you say to someone who is at death’s door, after all? What could you possibly do to make him or her more comfortable? The answer is not an easy one, but your presence alone—your time spent with your loved one—is often the best anyone could ever do.

Relax! Don’t Stress out too much!

Stress is one of the number one health concerns in the United States. But why do we stress out? We stress out for a number of reasons. It could be personal, exhaustion, emotional, physical, and other concerns. Many may stress out for right or wrong reasons; or maybe even both. Who knows? For example, many of us may stress over an exam study in school, a first blind date, dinner with family over the holidays, first day of school, looking for a job, and much more. But the real question is, “Is too much stress too much for your health?” “Do we know how to relax?”