December 2010

Living with Symptoms of “ADD”

I was diagnosed with symptoms of “ADD” or better known as “Attention-Deficit disorder about a year ago. And I must say…I am proud of living with these symptom signs. I do not feel ashamed or sorry for myself…at all. I had a feeling I had these “ADD” symptoms when I was a young girl….but did not fully recognize my full symptoms until a few people brought this serious topic to my attention. And it did.

Eating in front of your PC makes you fat

We are what we remember?

News of another of those studies that catch the eye has been released and is causing some interest on the Internet. This study's results conclude that eating in front of ones computer is likely to make one fat.

Really? Jeffrey Brunstrom of the University of Bristol in the Britain says that eating lunch while sitting in front of a computer increases; a person's appetite for dessert.

One Puff Is All It Takes

One cigarette. Just one. One puff of smoke. Just one. Yours or somebody else's. And that is all it takes -- so says the U.S. Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin.

Item from the Associate Press -- "Think the occasional cigarette won't hurt? Even a bit of social smoking - or inhaling someone's secondhand smoke - could be enough to block your arteries and trigger a heart attack, says the newest surgeon general's report on the killer the nation just can't kick."