January 2011

Will Blindness Be Gone For Future Generations?

With bionic eyes, it just might be. People in Britain are the first to get a taste of this new, permanent bionic eye that will allow the blind to see. A chip that will allow blind people to see is already available, and scientists are currently working on a new type of coating to make them safe for a lifetime of use, rather than the temporary, three-month use they are now useful for. They’re expected to be ready for testing as early as March.

Eating Worm Eggs To Stay Thin?!

Okay, some people have eating disorders. They want to look like the stars in the model magazines. So out of desperation, they do crazy things. They put on their idiot cap.

Last night The Young Turks did a feature on Chinese girl students, in order to keep themselves thin, are eating roundworm eggs, so that the worm will hatch inside their stomachs and eat, so that the students can lose weight without dieting or exercising, to help them look trim for job interviews!

Say what? Eating worm eggs to stay thin? Putting parasites inside ones intestine because one is too lazy and too dumb to step away from the table? Is stupid!

Instead of becoming the host to worms, the lazy bones should try working out, taking long walks.

Spain Enacts Tough Anti-smoking Law

Item from the Associated Press --"Spain on Sunday introduced an anti-smoking law that is likely to turn the EU's fourth largest tobacco producer from a cigarette-friendly land abounding with smoky bars and restaurants, into one of Europe's most stringently smokeless." See the video.

Good for Spain. This law will save lives, of smokers and of nonsmokers. It will save on the public health costs, will increase workers productivity, will extend the length and the quality of life, folks will be able to breathe easier.