February 2011

Cell phones trigger changes in brain activity

Okay. Something that a lot of people have known for a long time. People who think with their brains and who use common sense have known that the radiation given off by cell phones isn't good for the brain. For years, the cell phone industry has told us: "Don't worry about it." And millions of people world wide, like unthinking zombies, have put their faith in what they are told by corporate shrills out to sell a product, and not in their own common sense.


Why Waiting Can Be a Good Thing

I’ve recently had some possibly scary blood test results, which still need the interpretation of my family doctor—whom I won’t be able to see until the end of next week. I am also awaiting an ultrasound, which has been moved around and now won’t be until next week, either. All of this waiting and uncertainty—particularly during a time when we are facing the loss of health insurance in a couple of weeks—has me in absolute knots. I’m having a harder time concentrating, which is to be expected, I think, and I get scared at unexpected points throughout the day.

However, all of this waiting, as unbearable as it seems, can be a good thing. Here are a couple of things that can be positive about waiting during uncertain times.