March 2011

March is National Kite Month

One of the best ways to combine physical fitness with fun is to fly a kite. As much offense as the phrase “Go fly a kite” might bring to mind, it’s actually pretty good advice to give anyone. Kite-flying can incorporate art, exercise, and even a bit of nostalgia into your life, and it’s the perfect season to do it. Of course, you can fly a kite throughout the year if you hit the park on a good, windy day.

12 Free Ways to Be Kind, Live Longer

Remember that old adage, “Kill ‘em with kindness”?  It turns out that the sentiment may have the opposite effect for the doer. Here’s some good news for all of us: people who try to be kind live longer lives. Researchers in Japan have discovered that just by counting the kindnesses that you have not received but perpetuated, people become measurably happier—and happier people, of course, live longer lives. So maybe it just turns out that nice guys do finish last—or, in this case, they die last!

10-Minute Solution: Kickboxing

Keli Roberts: A Great Personal Trainer with a Frozen Face

The first time I did the 10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Camp, I noticed that kickboxing trainer Keli Roberts was older than most physical fitness guru-types, that she was incredibly fit, and that she and Nicole Kidman probably share the same inept plastic surgeon. I must admit, Keli Robert’s immobile face did distract me at the start of the workout, but once I got kicking, the workout took a definite turn for the better. 


The 10-Minute Solution workouts DVD is part of a series. This particular DVD lasts for 50-minutes and consists of 5 different parts of the workout; you can do all of the workout at once, or just do a few segments, depending on time and your level of fitness.