April 2011

Schools Add BMI, Weight to Report Cards

Kids already feel judged and overwhelmed today by the amount of work they’re expected to do at both school and home; any readers of Alfie Kohn and Joe Bower already know that studies have shown that both homework and grades do not support learning, the development of critical thinking or any sort of skills; the only thing they do encourage is exhaustion and burnout, and competition and judgment, respectively. So what exactly is adding a student’s BMI or weight to a report card going to do?

How Much Do Breast Cancer Charities Actually Help Women with Breast Cancer?

I can hardly take a step out my door without being aware of breast cancer. At almost every turn, there are pink “Boobie Bracelets,” cars with pink ribbon bumper stickers, or someone wearing a cute breast cancer awareness t-shirt with a fun slogan.

I just don’t know how effective all the awareness is or how much money is actually being used for breast cancer research or how women with breast cancer are being helped by breast cancer foundations.

Women May Not Be As Weight Obsessed As We’re Rumored to Be

Perhaps contradicting all of the studies about poor body image, women who would rather be thin than intelligent or happy, or how weight obsessed all women are, a new study suggests that some women would not trade a thing in the world for thinness. 320 college aged women were asked what in their life they would trade in order to attain the perfect body weight and shape. Of the 320, most said they would not sacrifice anything; some, however, reported some disturbing things they’d trade, such as two decades of their life.