May 2011

Elliptical Machines: Low-Impact Workouts

Elliptical Machines are Helpful for Building Endurance

Ever since my once lightning-quick metabolism started to slow down, I’ve been on a never-ending and often fruitless quest to get into better shape. My personal quest for fitness has involved the use of exercise DVDs (notably Jillian and Jane Fonda), aimless urban walks, and the occasional attempt to use free hand weights correctly. Of late, I’ve been getting my aerobic workouts on the elliptical machine.


Drink Up Fellas! Coffee Found to Reduce Instances of Lethal Prostate Cancer

A strong correlation exists between coffee consumption and high-risk prostate cancer prevention.

     You know, I deserve this. Years spent tolerating disapproving glances, upturned noses, and left-handed comments on account of my vices (and there have been many). I sold the paraphernalia, quit smoking cigarettes, halved (maybe even quartered) my alcohol intake...hell, I have a retirement plan and slow down at yellow lights. One of the few vices I have left is my coffee. Mornings are vindictive sunshiny bastards (even though I'm hardly ever awake after midnight anymore) and it takes at least three cups of joe just to get out the door. I have Colombian Bold breath, the tips of my fingers are a shade darker than the rest of my hands, and my students make comments about the coffee stains on the graded work I hand back. Smart-asses comment on the collection of travel mugs on my desk.