July 2011

If You're Lazy, Phillipe Tille's "20 Minute Kickbox" Might Be the Perfect Workout for You

"20 Minute Kickboxing": Not the Best Kickboxing Workout I've Ever Tried

Exercise On Demand provides a great way for viewers to get in shape. Of course, that means actually doing the workouts along with the personal trainers and not just watching them for comedy relief or because you like to see the trainers move. I just tried out Phillipe Tille’s 20 Minute Kickbox. Phillipe looks exactly like the blonde bad guy in the original Karate Kid and his 20-minute workout is pretty standard as far as kickboxing workouts go, EXCEPT Phillipe's performance was a little lackluster.


Phillippe Tille starts out the workout slowly with some moves that seem suspiciously similar to Yoga. The warm-up then progresses into plank-push-ups, which seem to be a personal favorite of most celebrity trainers. After the warm-up, Phillipe Tille starts throwing punches—the jab, cross, hook was my personal favorite in the workout. He slowly adds in a couple of kicks.