November 2011

101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy App

Some are not what you'd expect.

There’s a pretty cool app for the iPhone and iPad that’s supposed to improve your life and your self-esteem. Here’s to trying! The app is called 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy,” and, per its name, offers 101 methods for improving your life.

The app is unusual because there is no unfortunate synonymy swapping of healthy for thin. Instead, the different healthy ideas mainly focus on loving yourself and learning to appreciate what you have.

Here are some of the most inspiring ideas from the website:

Is Walking Really Exercise?

According to the Mayo Clinic, basic walking offers many health benefits

It seems strange to think that walking, the most basic form of mobility, could be considered a form of exercise.  Have we really gotten so sedentary in our everyday lives that the act of putting one foot in front of the other is a goal we aspire to?  For many of us, especially those working in office jobs, the reality is we just don’t have the opportunity to get enough exercise every day.  So the truth is, walking is a goal to aspire to for a lot of people.

Low Carb Diet Tips

"You can enjoy plenty of delicious foods while following a low carb diet."

Low carb diets can contribute to weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle.  Often, foods that are high in carbohydrates are not good for us anyway, such as processed foods full of sweets.  Reducing the amount of carbs in your diet will greatly increase the nutritional value of the food you eat.  The following tips will help you stay on course while enjoying a variety of tasty foods.

The McRib = Full of Fat

...and Plastic

I’d rather lick a yoga mat than eat a McRib sandwich from McDonalds. Oh, wait. They’re one in the same.

I say that nonchalantly. No, I’m not kidding. According to Time Magazine’s Healthland, azodicarbonamide (currently banned in Europe and Australia) was found in the bun of a Mc. Rib. This “food additive” is used as a bleaching agent in flour and has been linked as a "respiratory sensitizer". Meaning employees (who work for the megalopolies that fund McEvil) can develop or worsen asthma by coming in contact with this tasty substance.

Down With Bacon

Can't we make a healthier food cool instead of bacon?

The bacon meme thing is getting a little out of hand; and I’m not saying that I’m not culpable either. I’ve done my fair share of bacon reporting. I wrote about bacon lube and and a glorious ode to the ubiquity of bacon and bacon love. But I’m having second thoughts about my deep and undying love for bacon. The problem is that bacon just isn’t all that healthy. 


At all. 


The delicious bacon that everyone is so excited about is basically Pig Fat. Yucky. We’re all in favor Porked Out Pigs so that we can Pork Out on Porky Pig for breakfast. 


I went to a restaurant/brew pub a few weeks ago; I have to admit it. I was craving a burger. And every single burger on the entire menu had bacon on it. Every single burger. What was I supposed to say? I’d like a bacon burger without the bacon? I ended up ordering the bacon burger and picking the bacon off. I figured that the fat/grease content of a regular hamburger was quite enough thank you. 


Earlier this year, I received the news that one of my good friends had died of a heart attack. He was 43 years old, exercised, and was in basically good health. He didn’t smoke and had quit drinking. His downfall was probably a genetic tendency for heart disease among the males in his family, too much stress, combined with an unhealthy appetite for greasy food. 

Is Daylight Savings Time Really Helping?

Some want to get rid of it, other don't. Here's who they are and why.

Until President George W. Bush decided to change the Daylight Savings time, I had blissfully been going about my days assuming that the biannual dance an hour ahead and an hour back was a foregone conclusion. In truth, Daylight Savings time is a hotly debated phenomena, as most Arizonans are aware, and has becoming increasingly more so as studies show the various effects of our daylight two-step.

Fad Diets

If there is one thing you can rely on when it comes to fad diets, it is that they are here to stay.  It seems like every other week an “all-new, effective way to lose weight fast” is being touted on commercials and the Internet.  While some of these diets may help you lose weight in the beginning, the truth is that fad diets focus on one aspect of weight loss at the expense of others.  Following the fad diet roller coaster is not only ineffective at long-term weight loss, but can be damaging to your body, making it even harder to lose weight in the future.

Can You Get Enough Omega-3 From Vegetarian Sources Alone?

To boil it down to one short answer: it's theoretically possible but really tough, especially if you are middle-aged or older or you have health issues.


Vegetarian sources of omega-3 such as flax, hempseed, chia, and walnuts do not provide the type of omega-3 that people need. The body has to manage to convert them to the proper form before it can actually utilize the omega-3 in vegetarian sources. The efficiency of this conversions is quite low even under the best of circumstances, usually ranging from about 20% - 25% in a young healthy person to close to zero in an elderly or sick person.

Red Meat that Is Good For You

"lean bison is a healthy option your sure to enjoy."

People everywhere are avoiding red meat to dodge fat, calories and cholesterol. Consumers are worried about what red meat is doing to their heart, and believe that if affects their ability to maintain a healthy weight. Eating bison meat, also known as buffalo meat, is one of the healthiest meat options you can choose, and its red meat.


The average amount of fat in a serving of bison meat is only a little over 2 grams.  This is much less then chicken, turkey, cattle beef, ham, and even less than salmon.  Not only is the meat low in calories and fat, but it’s packed with iron and b12. Eating a diet that is rich in iron and b12 will give you more energy throughout the day, and can help with medical conditions such as anemia.  This lean red meat should be a part of everyone’s diet, and you have access to it at your local grocery stores.  Look in the meat section for bison meat, or ask the butcher behind the counter.

Enjoy Halloween Candy without Guilt

Moderation is key.

Halloween is over! Though, that doesn’t mean the candy is gone. I’m sure you’re tempted by all the fun size candy bars and yummy treats floating around the house.

Perhaps this is due to leftover candy from the bowl meant for trick o’ treaters that never stopped by. We didn’t get a single trick o’ treater at my house this year, I can hardly believe it. I stepped outside last night and it really did look like a “ghost town”.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that your kids had a heyday trick o’ treating and have the equivalent of a small truckload of candy stockpiled.

Either way, you can’t simply ignore that candy. Oxygen magazine provided a few tips to enjoy a bit of that stockpile with healthy intentions.

New Cystic Fibrosis Drug Improves Lung Function for Some Patients

"Ivacaftor works by changing the hydration of the mucus, allowing it to be more easily cleared from the lungs and the body."

In an exciting announcement for some cystic fibrosis sufferers, a new drug will soon be on the market that directly targets the protein that causes cystic fibrosis.  Ivacaftor, which will be marketed under the brand name Kalydeco, is currently going through the Food and Drug Administration approval process, but the manufacturer has applied for an expedited approval, which may mean approval as early as this April.

What makes ivacaftor unique is that it is the first drug to directly go after the faulty protein that causes cystic fibrosis.  In clinical studies spanning 48 weeks, 161 patients with cystic fibrosis were given either the drug or a placebo.  After 48 weeks, patients taking the drug were an astounding 55 percent less likely to experience infections.