December 2011

The Flavorists

What’s the latest food craze?

60 minutes has done an interview titled: The Flavorists. During the interview, they visit a citrus farm in California. They walk along the orchards, the way they talk would make one think they are Perfumists. They nibble on a fresh slice of orange and delight in mentioning “Papaya notes and over intoxicating tropical notes.”

They carry around clipboards. They make comments such as “I could see it in a sports drink, or maybe water, flavored water.” Though the real magic happens when the camera zooms in on a crazy little contraption they use to extract the flavor molecules from the fruit on a tree. Then they’ll take those natural molecules back to the lab and replicate a taste that tastes like the fruit with man-made chemicals. Yup, you heard right, a taste that mimics nature, coming to a supermarket near you.

Is Low Carb Good for Weight Loss?

"After nearly 20 weeks of eating this way, while pregnant, I have gained exactly zero pounds. "

There are so many diet plans out there, and especially in the low carb category.  You can spend hundreds of dollars buying into those plans and getting the special packaged foods that go along with them.  Some of them work, but many of them require overly strict reductions in foods you like, which can set you up for eventual failure.

Cut Out Shortcuts for More Exercise

It is so difficult to find time for formal exercise in these times of hectic schedules, extracurricular activities and large workloads.  Most of us are too tired by the end of the day, and mornings are reserved for getting ready for work.  Forcing time for workouts is usually not a high priority.  One way you can increase your exercise without a dedicated schedule is to cut out some shortcuts.

Smoothie #1: Yummy!

The Black & Decker Blender crushed the competition.


I used my Black Friday Super-Charged Power Tool Blender to make my first Smoothie in months this morning; Smoothie #1 didn’t exactly turn out quite as well as I had anticipated, but I blame that entirely on poor advance planning (primarily the fact that I was absolutely terrified to use bananas that were two weeks old). As usual, I’m not without a few comments about my first Smoothie-making experience in months. And, as usual, I am happy to share my observations and thoughts on the blender, the smoothie, and my final consensus with anyone who has the patience to read 400 words in a single sitting. (I believe the average American’s reading span is somewhere around 50 words.)

Just Say No to Skinny Mini and Fatso

Because nicknames shouldn't hurt

With all of the anti-bullying talk going around, there needs to be something said about body image and bullying people because of their size. I am so glad that we are engaging in a national conversation about gay kids and attempting to stop bullying directed at them—it’s long overdue and the bullying has to stop. But we also need to realize that there are all different types of people being bullied, which also includes people of varying sizes.

Say What? Laptops are Killing Sperm!

"The sperm under the laptop died at a rate of 25 percent"

You know, I worry a lot about talking on a cell phone.  My particular cell phone emits a higher radiation than most, so I always try to use a headset and keep it away from my body.  I worry about cordless phones too, but we have eliminated the landline here.  One thing that never occurred to me to be worried about is the Wi-Fi signal on my laptop.  According to researchers in Argentina, the Wi-Fi signal on laptop computers kills sperm at a higher rate than sperm cells not in close proximity to a laptop.