March 2012

Class Inequality and Longevity: How Money Will Decide Your Life Expectancy

With greater medican advances come higher costs, and longevity will inevitably become a privilege of the wealthy.

When we discuss income inequality, we’re usually speaking about just that; income. However, there a host of other variables that come with that inequality including healthcare access, education, income and employment opportunity, and longevity. In fact, as we continue to make advances in medical technology and pharmaceuticals, those with the money are going to have the most unrestricted access to those developments, and are going to be able to access them without greatly impacting their livelihood. This is the thrust behind a recent feature in Singularity Hub on the next class inequality: a long life.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Many of the women that I personally know have used pregnancy as an excuse to eat more and move less.  They claim that they do so to help keep the baby inside of them safe from harm’s way.  However, what they are really doing in most cases is missing out on all the great benefits of exercising while pregnant.

During pregnancy, the body of a woman goes through many changes.  Her feet tend to swell up, and her back is likely to ache.  Furthermore, her energy level is likely to be drained.  Therefore, exercise is probably not the most appealing thing to a woman who is currently pregnant.  Yet contrary to her beliefs, exercise might be just the thing she needs to ease her current discomfort.

Instant Oatmeal vs. Steel Cut vs. Rolled Oats

For years now, the experts have been saying that to stay healthy we all must learn to get more fiber in our diet.  They say that a good way to start off the morning is to eat a serving of oatmeal.  Sounds simple enough, right?  That is until you head into the store to buy some oatmeal, and find that there are different ones to buy.  Now which one are we to buy out of the instant oatmeal, the steel cut oats, and the rolled oats?

If you have a busy morning routine, then the instant oatmeal is going to look most appealing to you.  After all, you can just zap it in the microwave, and breakfast would be served.  But is the instant oatmeal as healthy as the other two types?  Instant oatmeal is a nutritious food, and it does contain fiber.  However, if you are trying to eat the type of oatmeal with the greatest concentration of fiber, then instant oatmeal is not the oatmeal for you.  Nonetheless, instant oatmeal is still a good choice for those of us who need to rush to get out the door.  Just make sure it is the plain type of instant oatmeal, and not the one packed with sugar.