May 2012

Peanut oil for frying

Lately, a lot of fast food places are touting their usage of peanut oil in frying foods.  Chick-fil-A is perhaps the most recognizable name when it comes to chicken sandwiches, and they have been using peanut oil since the beginning. 

Another place that only uses peanut oil to cook food served to their customers is Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  With such popular fast food places claiming peanut oil to be the superior cooking oil to use, you might be wondering if you should also use peanut oil at home.

Peanut oil has been used for many years in Asian countries.  The reason for its popularity in Asia is due to the fact that peanut oil’s flavor works great with Asian cuisine.  In America, peanut oil is prized for its ability to withstand higher cooking temperatures.

The dangers of nonstick pans

Growing up, nonstick pots and pans were always used by my mother to prepare meals for our family.  So when I was old enough to start cooking for myself, I also made nonstick pots and pans my cooking instrument of choice.  I never even really considered using anything else as cookware due to the fear that I would have to use too much oil while cooking.

Recently, my set of nonstick pots and pans started to deteriorate.  Scratches were visible on various pieces.  Therefore, I started shopping around for a new one.

During my search for a new set of pots and pans, I spent a lot of time online reading various reviews for the ones that are out on the market.  It was while reading these reviews and comments that I finally learned of the dangers of nonstick pans.

BPA-Free Canned Foods

In recent years, the dangers of BPA have caused a lot of people to avoid buying canned foods.  Many people were more than willing to give up the convenience of eating from a can, in order to keep themselves safe from the possible dangers of BPA.  However, the banning of all canned foods is not necessary for you to prevent BPA from entering your home’s kitchen.  You can still enjoy canned goods without fear of BPA.  That is because there are companies out there with canned goods made without the toxic BPA.

The company that is leading the way when it comes to producing BPA-free canned goods is Eden Foods.  They have made the switch to BPA-free cans since before the general public even knew the meaning of BPA.  Initially, Eden Foods did not label their cans as being free of BPA.  However, they have now started to add the labels more recently.  So be on the lookout for it when doing your grocery shopping.

Eat local for better health

When it comes to healthy eating, transitioning to organic food is not the only thing that you can do.  The move toward eating local foods is catching on rather quickly.  In fact, there is even a name for it.  A locavore diet is one that only consists of foods grown within a radius of 100 miles from where you reside. 

Eating local is the eco-friendly thing to do.  It creates less pollution for the environment since your food does not have to travel as many miles.  However, being a locavore is not just great for the planet.  It is also quite good for your health as well.